10 reasons to love HaBaWaBa Brazil

Some reasons not to stay out of the world's largest water polo festival, now in Latin America

1. Seven games guaranteed

There will be four days of competition and seven guaranteed games, at least, for each team enrolled in HaBaWaBa Brazil.


2. Welcome Kit

Each participant of HaBaWaBa Brazil will receive a welcome kit consisting of backpack, T-shirt, cap, towel, temporary tattoo and other gifts.


3. Medals for all

All participants of HaBaWaBa Brazil take home as a souvenir a participation medal. The first three teams in each series win trophies and a special medal for each player.


4. Fair Play Award

HaBaWaBa Brazil's premises of  are fair play, ethics and good behavior in games. The very name of the festival (Happy Baby water Ball) tells su this, by making an allusion to the expression “happy child in the game with the ball in the water”. The Fair Play Trophy rewards the team that stands out for harmony and good interaction with the other participants.


5. International experience

HaBaWaBa Brazil is a great opportunity to play against teams from outside Brazil. Registrations for the festival are open to teams from all over Latin America and even countries from other continents.


6. Exchange of experiences

HaBaWaBa Brazil is not just a sporting event. Many other opportunities unfold during the days of the festival, providing integration between participants, workshops and technical conferences for coaches.


7. Fun all the time

Outside the competition, small water polo players will have at their disposal plenty of animation with music, inflatable toys and much more.


8. Day-use pass for the New Thermas

All teams will be able to enjoy a day in one of the best water parks of the Bauru region (SP), The New Thermas of Piratininga. The Aquatic Complex has 13 pools, with both cold and thermal waters, within a large space with 16,886 m2 of built area and 24,200 m2 of artificial beach, in addition to two water slides and pools with waterfalls.


9. International recognition

HaBaWaBa Brazil is the only gender-mixed U13 international tournament in the country. The event is organized by ABDA, bringing the seals of two major water polo institutions of the world, Water Polo Development (WPD) and FINA.


10. Closing party

The Closing Ceremony of HaBaWaBa Brazil will culminate in a great party with music, gastronomy and fun, bringing together all the teams in a great fraternization.