ABDA and HaBaWaBa Brazil are highlights over the world

Interview with Claudio Zopone, ABDA's maintainer make known the organization of the festival in Bauru in 2020

The website of Waterpolo Development World (WPD), the creators of HaBaWaBa International Festival, has highlighted their interview with Claudio Zopone, Associação Bauruense de Desportes Aquáticos' (Bauru's Water Sports Association, or ABDA for short) founder and maintainer about the organization of HaBaWaBa Brazil, set to take place in December 2020, at Arena ABDA in Bauru.

HaBaWaBa Festival is the most important water polo event for children, for base categories all over the world, even having support from the United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF). Last month, a deal as closed between ABDA and WPD to authorize Latin America's 1st edition of the event, in the city of Bauru (SP), in which athletes U-13 can take part.

In the interview given to Italian journalist Fabrizio Napoli, Claudio Zopone explains how ABDA has started, and also talks about results obtained over the 8 years of the association and about all the love and dedication of everybody involved in its activities.

During the introduction, the journalist says: "Waterpolo Development has chosen very special partner to bring HaBaWaBa to South America. It's ABDA, the club that uses water polo and sports to improve the lives of children in need. Founded in 2010 by the engineer and philanthropist Claudio Zopone, ABDA for years has taken part with its teams and International HaBaWaBa Festival in Lignano Sabbiadoro."

In the interview, Claudio Zopone explains about ABDA's work which today assists about 6.300 children and teenagers and it's importance to improve society. He also goes into details of the organization of HaBaWaBa Brazil, how many teams are expected and the whole structure that will be used in the festival.

Beyond that, the interviewed also explains their motivation to bring HaBaWaBa to Brazil. "Our children love HaBaWaBa: the first we took part in the International HaBaWaBa Festival, only 11 children wanted to go to Italy. They were a little afraid of leaving their homes, of traveling to Europe. In 2019 we had to choose amongst 200 children. Taking part of the Festival has become a true source of pride for the whole city of Bauru. Now we want to show people that ABDA is also part of this event here in Brazil, to make our children proud and show that they are the same as the other children in the world, and that HaBaWaBa is also possible in Bauru", says Zopone in the interview.

Click the link and read the full interview in English: HaBaWaBa in Brazil to help our kids

HaBaWaBa is short for "Happy Baby Water Ball" symbolizing the happiness of a child when playing "the sport played with the ball in the water". The first festival took place in Italy in 2008 and, up until now, there were 12 editions taking place in that country. ABDA takes part in HaBaWaBa since 2011, year in which the association has been founded. Besides italy, HaBaWaBa Festival has taken place in Spain, Greece, North America and Asia.