ABDA is the great champion of HaBaWaBa Brasil 2020

Sesi Interior team was the runner-up in the Titan series; check out all the awards of the event

The first edition in Latin America of HaBaWaBa Brasil, the largest children's water polo tournament in the world, came to an end yesterday (13/12), at the arena of the  Associação Bauruense de Desportes Aquáticos (ABDA), in Bauru (SP). In Brazil, the tournament is played in category sub-13 gender-mixed. There were 14 teams, a total of 175 athletes, playing 46 games in 4 days.

This Sunday, the final games of the two series, Titan and Tsu, and the closing ceremony were held with the presence of Claudio Zopone, maintainer of the ABDA; Alessandro Checchinato, president of the Liga Polo Aquático Brasil (PAB); Alexandre Zwicker, municipal secretary of sports; representatives of the Military Police of the state of São Paulo; and the champion athletes godfathers of the event, Attila Sudár, Rudá Franco and Letícia Belório.

The finals matches, as well as all over the 4 days of the tournament, were streamed live on Facebook. The opening and closing ceremonies were also broadcast. Due to the pandemic, the event is being held without an audience. Only parents and guardians of the athletes involved in each match could be present to watch the participation of their children.

In the four days of the festival, in addition to the games, the athletes took part in break dance clinics, experience with basketball players, chat with the Olympic champion for Hungary Attila Sudár and nutrition clinics with the team of nutritionists of ABDA. When not playing, the teams had fun in the new Aquatic Complex Thermas De Piratininga and the inflatable toys of the municipal Department of sport and leisure (Semel), installed at the site of the event.

In addition, the technical committee of the teams took part in workshops on basic water polo, with the technician Emerson Martins, and on the Rudá Franco method, with Paula Bitencourt.


The ABDA team was the great champion of the Titan series of HaBaWaBa Brasil, making the final game against the Sesi-SP Interior that got the vice-championship. In the third place of the series, was the Luso team, who still took the Fair Play Trophy, an award traditionally offered at waterpolo Development's HaBaWaBa events around the world for the team that stands out for fair play.

ABDA (Ouro), Sesi Interior (Prata) e Luso (Bronze), da Série Titan
ABDA (Gold), Sesi Interior (Silver) e Luso (Bronze), from Titan Series

ABDA champion team coach Emerson Martins highlighted the overall evolution and team spirit of the festival. “It was a fantastic weekend, where the children interacted a lot with the other teams. The biggest result was to see that all the kids, not only in my team, evolved a lot in different aspects, from the game and outside the pool, as in commitment and discipline. The tournament greatly strengthened the spirit of unity of the team. The athletes stayed together the whole time, one helping the other,” he said.

In the Tsu series, The Champion team was Cobra d’água, the runner-up was the ADPM team, and the third place was the women's ABDA team. The technique of the Tsu Series champion team, Bruna Martins, pointed to the team's grit as a strong point. "Even after two defeats in the first phase, the team came with great will to the TSU series dispute and won all the matches from there on, demonstrating a lot of faith, persistence and humility, the mottos of ABDA,” said Bruna.

Cobra d'água (Ouro), ADPM (Prata) e ABDA Feminino (Bronze) da Série Tsu
Cobra d'água (Gold), ADPM (Silver) e ABDA Feminino (Bronze) from Tsu Series

HaBaWaBa Brasil was played in the U-13 gender-mixed category, but there were very young athletes. For this reason, an award was offered to the youngest athlete enrolled. Eduardo Seidy Kitamoto, 9, won a personalized box and ball from the event.


Claudio Zopone, maintainer of ABDA, organizer of the event, reveals that plans for next year are at least triple the number of subscribers. "HaBaWaBa Brazil 2020 far exceeded our expectations, within the current context of the pandemic, both in the technical part and in acceptance and organization. The event was impeccable, with the children demonstrating a lot of evolution in the technical part and also in behavior, discipline and ethics. We had no problems, there were no serious fouls in the competition, no disrespect with arbitration or opponents. We intend to make HaBaWaBa Brasil grow more and more within the calendar of the modality", he said.

Eduardo Seidy Kitamoto, de 9 anos, atleta mais novo do torneio com a professora Janaina Parra Grossi
Eduardo Seidy Kitamoto, 9 years old, youngest athlete of the tournament with teacher Janaina Parra Grossi




  • ABDA X LUSO 12 - 1


  • ADPM X SEA HORSE 10 - 6

FINALS (13/12)


  • 3rd and 4th place - ARENA X LUSO 2 - 6
  • 1st and 2nd place - ABDA X SESI-INTERIOR 14 - 6


  • 3rd and 4th place - SEA HORSE X ABDA FEM 2 - 8
  • 1st and 2nd place - ADPM X COBRA DÁGUA 5-7

*All results from HaBaWaBa Brasil in: https://habawababrasil.com.br/pt_br/ligas/2020

Photos: Wilian Olivato