ABDA presents Habawaba Brazil prizes

Trophies and medals have unique design and are made of metal

HaBaWaBa Brazil will be held between 9 and 13 December, but the prizes are already ready waiting for the Champions in the arena of the Bauru Association of Water Sports ( ABDA), organizer of the event, the first of the brand in Latin America.

To accompany the grandeur of the event, which is the largest children's water polo festival in the world, ABDA made a point of preparing beautiful awards. The idea was to give the Champions Trophies and medals that had in addition to beauty also durability and quality.

The task was left to Invicta Premiações, a company from Caxias do Sul (RS), which had already supplied products with excellence in the two editions of the ABDA Urban Run race, organized by the association. The layout, following the entire visual identity of the event, created by the agency Pão Criação, was transferred to metal and delivered this week in Bauru (SP).

Trophies and medals of the Titan series (First Division) of HaBaWaBa Brazil

Thorough production

The material used in the HaBaWaBa Brazil award was zamac (metal). "The Zamac comes in bars, like those of gold, and is melted. We then make the matrix of the parts, using acrylic for the initial mold. Then it is taken to the rubber where, on pressure, it shapes The Shape of the medals. In the centrifuge, where it receives the melted Zamac, we take out the first medal, which is used as a pilot piece. In sequence, the copies are made”, explains Eduardo Ferreira Cavalheiro, commercial director and owner of Invicta Premiações.

After this initial process, the parts are washed for cleaning and the metal bath is given (gold, silver and bronze). "Next, the parts go through polishing for removal of excess and is applied varnish for finishing”, complete.

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Trophies and medals of the TSU series (Second Division) of HaBaWaBa Brazil

At the final stage of production, the parts receive resin to give the color of the details. "This step is done by one person, piece by piece, by hand. We use syringes for the process", details the supplier.

The medals receive the ribbons and the pieces that will make up the trophies are fixed on MDF bases to stand. "The bases receive the cut, are sanded, given the catalyst background and automotive paint. They are pierced in the measures of the pins of the metal part for their proper fitting”, comments Eduardo to point out that this whole process is inspected, step by step, from the beginning by re-reading the specifications because, after melting the metal, the piece can not be used anymore. 

Fair Play trophy for team that stand out in "Fair Play" and participation medal that will be handed to all athletes

Eternal memory

The ABDA maintainer, Claudio Zopone, highlights the concern about the quality of the trophies and medals of HaBaWaBa Brazil. “Children will have this memory at home for the rest of their lives,” he says.

Eduardo Cavalheiro, from Invicta Premiações, talks about the feeling of being part of an international event of this proportion. “We are honored. Being able to take and expose our work is a source of pride for all who are part of this process. We know the greatness of ABDA and what it means to these children, showing that everyone is able to have potential and overcome the barriers of life through sport,” he concludes.