Coaches also learn at HaBaWaBa Brasil

Two big names of the sport will do workshops for the technical commissions

Athletes are not the only ones to learn at HaBaWaBa Brasil. Coaches also have the opportunity for professional growth by participating in workshops. In the 2021 edition, two big names in the sports scene will take their experience to the coaches: coach Guerrinha, former player and currently basketball coach, with several national and international achievements; and André Avallone, former player and water polo coach, also with a lot of baggage in the sport.

The theme of Guerrinha's workshop will be "building a winning team”. The one Avallone is presenting will be “the importance of the coach in the initiation of Water Polo". Priceless experiences that will add a lot to the participants. Check below part of the curriculum from each of the speakers.


Date: 9/12/2021

Schedule: 20h

Theme: the importance of the coach in the initiation of Water Polo

  • Coach Supervisor SESI-SP
  • Graduated in Physical Education ESEF 2003
  • Water Polo Senior Coach Course - Spanish Federation 2010
  • Team Sport High Performance Training Master
  • 1st Runner-upSpanish league, division of Honor 2010/2011 (Club Natació Sant Andre) 
  • Coach of the basic categories, 2006/2010 (Club Natació Atletic Barceloneta)
  • 5 times São Paulo champion
  • 3 times National League champion
  • Coach of the Brazilian adult National Team (2018/2021)



Date: 10/12/2021

Schedule: 20h

Theme: Building a winning team


  • 1,325 matches (on Franca, Monte Líbano, Ribeirão Preto teams)
  • 5 times São Paulo champion
  • 5 times Brazilian champion
  • 5 times South American champion
  • 1 time world runner-up
  • 228 matches for the Brazilian National Team (South American, Pan American, pre-Olympic, world and Olympic)


  • National Basketball League records – NBB:
    • Coach with most matches and wins – 255 matches and 157 wins
    • Coach with the most wins in a row in NBB7 - 26 games
  • 2nd coach with the highest number of games and victories of the Brazilian championship organized by CBB – 240 games and 146 victories
  • 15 seasons Campeonato Paulista – 435 games and 365 wins