HaBaWaBa Brasil 2021 group draw will be held on 12/1

Event organization discloses festival format and final Arena map

The draw of the groups of teams that will compete in HaBaWaBa Brasil 2021 will be held on December 1st, at 5 pm, with live broadcast on Facebook by the Associação Bauruense de Desportes Aquáticos (ABDA), organizer of the event.

The 25 participating teams will be divided into 8 groups and the festival format is already defined, as shown below.

The final layout of the HaBaWaBa Brasil 2021 Arena was also defined, with all the attractions. In addition to the water polo games, there will be percussion, capoeira, badminton and nutrition clinics for athletes, workshops for coaches, an entertainment area with inflatable toys and a gourmet area. All teams will have tents to accommodate themselves during the event.

In addition, during the off-season of the games, teams can enjoy day-use at the Novo Thermas de Piratininga aquatic complex. To know the installations of Novo Thermas de Piratininga, access the video: Novo Thermas de Piratininga.