HaBaWaBa Brazil teaches ethical values and will have voluntary arbitration

Opportunity is for athletes over 16 years old, referees, coaches and club teachers

HaBaWaBa Brasil follows the philosophy of other brand festivals around the world: to teach children the true ethical values of sport through a water polo tournament. At the festival, which will be held in Bauru (SP), between 9 and 13 December 2020, socialization and respect for competitors are paramount and friendly competition is used as an encounter between different cultures. At the same time, the game helps to teach life values and promotes body and mind's harmonic growth.

For this purpose, water polo's rules are adapted, taking into account the reality of the HaBaWaBa festival that, in this first edition in Brazil, will be held in the mixed U - 13 category. It is important that referees are tuned to these rules and keep in mind the premises of fair play. ”The festival even offers the Fair Play trophy to the team who stands out in this aspect", says the coach Janaina Parra Grossi, who is part of the organizing committee of the event.

How to volunteer

Can be volunteers in the arbitration of HaBaWaBa Brazil athletes over 16 years, referees, table officers, coaches and club teachers, being that the last two can not be responsible for any team that participates in the festival. "Taking part in an international event with the grandeur of HaBaWaBa, recognized throughout the world, is a great opportunity for professional growth for volunteers," says Janaina.

The Champion's Passport, printed material delivered to all athletes participating in the festival, speaks of the importance of Arbitration. The material idealized by Waterpolo Development World (WPD), creator of the HaBaWaBa International Festival, says that, above all, it is important to consider the referee as part of the game, just as the ball and the goalposts are. And not to see him as an adversary.

Those interested in volunteering in the arbitration team of the HaBaWaBA Brazil 2020 festival should send an email to janainawp@hotmail.com containing full name, date of birth, sports entity to which it is affiliated, contact number and inform if they wish to participate as a referee or join the arbitration table. It is also necessary to confirm attendance and take part in the Basic Arbitration Course that will be taught by the organization in the days before the festival, at the ABDA Arena.