Meet the teams that will face each other at HaBaWaBa Brazil

Fourteen teams will compete in the gender-mixed under-13 festival in two series

Last Monday (16/11), a team draw for HaBaWaBa Brazil 2020's groups was held, broadcasted live by Facebook, at the premises of the Associação Bauruense de Desportes Aquáticos (ABDA), organizer of the event.

In all, 14 teams will compete in the gender-mixed under-13 festival, the largest children's water polo event in the world that, for the first time, will take place in Latin America. HaBaWaBa Brazil will be held in Bauru (SP), at the Arena ABDA, between December 9 and 13.

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After the draw, in Group 1, were the teams GREEN TURTLE, RED CRABS, BLUE SHARK and ABDA WOMEN. In Group 2, the teams ABDA, COBRA D'ÁGUA and SESI CAPITAL face each other. In Group 3, the duels will be between the teams LUSO, ABDA RIO, ECP and ADPM. In Group 4 are SESI INTERIOR, ARENA and SEA HORSE.

The top eight placed in the group stage will face off again in the Titan series. At this stage, the top 2 from each group are already qualified for the semifinal. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams from each group compete in the semi-final of the Titan series.

Teams from 9th to 14th place in the group stage continue in the tournament through the Tsu series. Also with matches between each other, following through to semifinal and final disputes.