Meet the teams that will take part in HaBaWaBa Brasil 2021

Twenty-five teams will compete in the largest mixed U-13 festival in Latin America

HaBaWaBa Brasil 2021 will have the participation of 25 teams from 11 registered clubs: ABDA, Sesi-SP, Clube Internacional de Regatas (Cir-Santos), Colégio Santo Américo, Esporte Clube Pinheiros (ECP), Clube Jundiaiense (CJ), Polo FBDA Sudesb, Clube de Regatas Flamengo, Hebraica, Minas Brasília Tênis Clube and Passarinho Atividades Aquáticas from Recife.

The Under-13 mixed category festival is the Latin American version of the world's largest children's water polo event, created by Waterpolo Development (WPD) in Italy. The event is held by Associação Bauruense de Desportes Aquáticos (ABDA), in Bauru (SP) and is in its second edition.

Tournament format

The tournament format in Brazil is similar to that used at the HaBaWaBa International Festival, held in Italy, which awards the teams in the Gold and Silver Series. ABDA has been sending its athletes to the Italian event since 2011. The team was champion of the Silver Series in 2018 and ranked among the top 10 in the world in the Gold Series in 2014 and 2019.

The group draw for HaBaWaBa Brasil 2021 will be held on live broadcast by Facebook, in the premises of the ABDA, organizer of the event, on December 1st, at 17h.

8 groups will be formed, 7 with 3 teams and 1 group with 4 teams. After the first clash in the groups, the top 16 teams in this first phase again face each other in the Titan series. The other teams continue in the tournament via the Tsu series. Both series will have prizes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Fair Play Trophy

In addition to the team award, HaBaWaBa Brasil also awards the Fair Play trophy to the team that stands out for fair play, ethics, respect and social integration during matches. These principles are extremely valued at the festival. The trophy is a way to praise and encourage good behavior. The winner of the Fair Play Trophy will be defined by the arbitration table.

Special names

At HaBaWaBa Brasil, the series received names that are very special to ABDA. Titan and Tsu were two of the names suggested by ABDA followers on social networks, in 2019, to baptize the mascot of the association. The winning name of the online vote was Titan. Tsu was the second most voted name in the poll. Using these names in the HaBaWaBa Brasil series was a way to bring the opinion of the members of the “ABDA family” to the event.