HaBaWaBa Brasil

The 3rd Habawaba Festival Brasil will be held at the arena of the Associação Bauruense de Desportes Aquáticos (ABDA), in the city of Bauru, interior of the state of São Paulo, between December 7 and 11, 2022. in Brazil, the HaBaWaBa Festival, result of a contract signed between ABDA and Waterpolo Development (WPD), includes the mixed under-10 and under-13 category and teams from all over Latin America and even other continents can participate.

The first editions of HaBaWaBa Brasil were success, generating great growth opportunities for small water polo athletes, a lot of joy and exchange of experiences with ethics, respect and safety. Bring your team to join this amazing opportunity with us!

What is HaBaWaBa?

HaBaWaBa is an acronym in English that means "Happy Baby Water Ball“, words that represent the joy of a child in practicing the ”game with the ball in the water". The first HaBaWaBa festival took place in Italy in 2008 and so far 12 editions have been held in that country. ABDA has been taking part in HaBaWaBa in Italy since 2011, the year the association was founded. HaBaWaBa's mission is to spread the love of water polo on the 5 continents and, along with it, the noble values of sport and coexistence. In addition to Italy, the HaBaWaBa Festival has already been held in Spain, Greece, North America and Asia. In 2020, it arrived in Brazil, where it is held annually.

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What is ABDA?

The Associação Bauruense De Desportes Aquáticos (ABDA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to contribute to the formation of worthier citizens through sport as a tool allied to education. The association began its activities in 2010, with few children. Currently, ABDA serves more than 7 thousand children and adolescents, in the cities of Bauru (SP), Pederneiras (SP) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The entity offers water polo, swimming, Paralympic swimming, athletics, AWD athletics and music. Learn more about ABDA on the website www.abdabauru.com.br or access our promotion photo book https://issuu.com/zopone/docs/abda.