Fun and Games

HaBaWaBa wants to teach children the true ethical values of sport through a waterpolo tournament in which socialization and respect for opponents are predominant factors.

At the festival, the competition turns into an encounter between different cultures and ethnicities. Because of that, WPD has written a Code of Ethics, also called “The Passport of Champions”, for the ethical formation of the kids.

At HaBaWaBa Brasil, as in other editions around the world, children discover a friendly waterpolo competition and social values related to the sport. At the same time, they become familiar with the meaning of teamwork, loyalty, self-sacrifice, ethics, and mental toughness.

Fair Play

At HaBaWaBa, young athletes learn, during competitions, important moral values related to Fair Play, such as honesty, fairness, responsibility, compassion and respect for opponents, teammates and referees.

Children learn that the game is no fun if there is no respect. That there is no real sport if there is no real sharing of its noblest values. For those reasons, HaBaWaBa cannot be defined simply as a sporting event. It is an event for children that is based primarily on the ethics and values of sport, mutual respect, integration between different ethnic groups and fair play.